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Administrative Assistant

Sarah Casey, B.S.

Leigh Martin, B.A.
Jennifer Poche`, B.S.

Danette Des'Latte, B.A.
Ashley Himel, B.A.

Adrianne Speer, B.S.
Jessica Babin, B.A., M.Ed

Library Media Specialist:
Catherine Bryan, B.S. M. Ed.


Kristie Boudreaux, B.S., M.Ed 
Kristie Siitan, B.S.
Whitney Landry, B.S., M. Ed

Natalie Fuglaar, B.S.
Sharla Comeaux, B.S.

Lindsey Kreamer, B.S., M.Ed
Hollie Tabor, B.S.

Jackie Brunet, B.A.
Chelsey Crawford, B.S.

Band & Music:

First Grade
Alicia Cortez, B.S.
Beth Clause, B.A., M. Ed, NBCT

Alexis Arabie, B.S.
Erika Grabert, B.S., M.Ed.

Lynn Simmons, B.A.
Chelsea Carlos, B.S., M.Ed

Spec. Ed:
Christie Buzbee, B.A., M.S.W, SpEd. Cert.

Lettie Hebert, B.A., SpEd. Cert.

TAG (Talented and Gifted)
Tiffany Hue, B.A., M. Ed. +30 Administration and Supervision, Academically Gifted