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Administrative Assistants
Jessica Babin, B.A., M.Ed
Whitney Landry, B.S., M. Ed

Sarah Casey, B.S.

Leigh Martin, B.A.
Jennifer Poche`, B.S.

Danette Des'Latte, B.A.
Ashley Himel, B.A.

Adrianne Speer, B.S.
Latitia McCoy, B.S., M.Ed. +30

Library Media Specialist:
Catherine Bryan, B.S., M.Ed.

PE/Instrumental and Vocal TAG:
Amy Adams, B.G.S. certified PK-3, Elem K-8, Music K-12

Kristie Boudreaux, B.S., M.Ed 
Kristie Siitan, B.S.
Chelsey Crawford, B.S.

Natalie Fuglaar, B.S.
Sharla Comeaux, B.S.

Lindsey Kreamer, B.S., M.Ed
Hollie Tabor, B.S.

Jackie Brunet, B.S., M.C.D.

Band & Music:

First Grade
Alicia Cortez, B.S.
Beth Clause, B.A., M. Ed, NBCT

Alexis Arabie, B.S.
Erika Grabert, B.S., M.Ed.

Lynn Simmons, B.A.
Chelsea Carlos, B.S., M.Ed

Spec. Ed:
Christie Buzbee, B.A., M.S.W, SpEd. Cert.

Lettie Hebert, B.A., SpEd. Cert.

TAG (Talented and Gifted)
Tiffany Hue, B.A., M. Ed. +30 Administration and Supervision, Academically Gifted